The Insects Were Out of Control!

Lincoln-North-cafeteria2_300Growing Room, Inc. was contacted by a property manager with a big problem: his company’s atrium had 18-foot specimen Ficus trees that were infested with scale insects. The infestation was so bad that the tenants were complaining and avoided eating in the company cafeteria. The property manager was frustrated with his current interior landscaper and needed a plan of action FAST!

Growing Room, Inc. worked after-hours using precautions to protect furniture, carpeting, and the safe use of pesticides to:

  • prune the trees to eliminate severely invested foliage
  • power washing with a plant detergent three times consecutively to remove scale insects and sticky residue
  • apply systemic and foliar pesticide

Lincoln-North-Cafeteria-5_300Lincoln-North-Cafeteria-5 300
Our technicians maintain the now healthy Ficus trees with localized follow-up treatments and pruning to remove vigorous growth.