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ResidenceInitial Consultation

Before we bring one plant into your building, Growing Room, Inc. will meet with you to tour the building and learn what your objectives are for using interior landscape to solve space or environmental issues. We’ll create a design plan using foliage and flowering plants, as well as decorative containers suited to the space, light levels, and budgetary considerations.

If you already have an interior plant service, we’ll evaluate your design and pricing and make recommendations to create a fresh look or reduce costs.

Design Plan

Growing Room, Inc. will create a design plan for your interior space that will include all the details to ensure a professional landscape 365 days a year. We’ll select plants that will perform well in your building … plants that are well-matched to your interior environment. We’ll maintain those plants by watering, cleaning, trimming, fertilizing, controlling insects, and rotating plants as necessary.


The Growing Room, Inc. will install the plants with minimal or no disruption of your office workday. Our plants come from local, high-quality nurseries that we know and trust. All plants are covered under our “No Worry” Guarantee. We’ll take care of all the details, including a thorough clean-up when the installation is complete.


At Growing Room, Inc., our plant care technicians are experienced, friendly and fully-trained. They are committed to providing excellent service, taking care of all the details of maintaining healthy and beautiful interior landscapes. At Growing Room, Inc. we believe that we are only as good as the people taking care of the plants. Our plant care technicians are plant lovers! Their passion often matches my own when it comes to live plants.

During routine maintenance, they don’t simply dust – they spray clean with non-aerosol cleaners, cloth wipe, and trim off unsightly leaves. They control insects discreetly without the use of harsh pesticides. At Growing Room, Inc. we are masters at keeping plants looking great. We know just the right type of fertilization to use and how to augment the soil to offset nutrition deficiencies.

Our “No-Worry” Guarantee means that there are no bad days. We guarantee your plants will look good – all the time. We spot and correct problems before our clients see them.

Flowering Plants

Seasonal color creates a fresh look and provides visual interest in reception areas, lobby, and in planter beds. Growing Room, Inc. offers several fully-guaranteed flowering plant programs to fit our clients’ needs, style, and budget.

Holiday Décor

Growing Room, Inc. offers Winter-themed Holiday interior décor that can include faux balsam wreaths, garland, and swags. Your choices are fully decorated in three color themes — copper and gold (GILT); frosted white, silver and crystal (WINTER); and red and gold (TRADITIONS).

For your exterior needs, we provide fresh balsam wreaths, garland, and swags decorated with berries, pine cones, and bows. We offer locally-grown poinsettias in several sizes in traditional red or white and pink. Other popular plant choices for a non-traditional and unique look include orchids and amaryllis.

We’ll help you plan and customize your holiday décor to make a visual impression that satisfies your imagination as well as your budget.

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